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One or Two Cup of Coffee a Days keep Help the Heart

New study find who has heart patient drink one or two cup of coffee take the body 20% less of heart diseases risk and keep body strong and active because in the human body some dangerous molecules keep the body in the fatty condition day by day.

The diseases of Heart-attack patients or heart problems like heart beat every times fast and some condition is heart beat is not working in the sequence then who drink one or two cups of coffee but keep in mind not drink more cup like 3 or 4 or many cups of coffee then is harmful for body because more cup burn the blood therefore keep in mind just one or two cup of coffee drink a day are 20 percent or more percent less likely to die prematurely from heart damage or heart attack compared to java teetotalers, because new study find the heart attack and heart damage.

The Nes York University study about the heart diseases and heart attack like heart fail, heart damage and others all heart problems tracked 3,721 heart-attack survivors in the United Kingdom because in the UK is the one of the best country for the best study about heart diseases, chronicling their coffee-drinking habits.

But some researchers not confirm says about the coffee it’s not clear how coffee helps the human body and how much help the body. Previous some studies have found that three to five cups a day helped Parkinson’s patients but new study says about the heart patient just one or two or coffee drink a day just no more. Another found it helps fight liver cancer like fatty liver and other fat in the body burn slowly and the take the best result then body keep active and best.

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