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Million of Brits are not Applying Properly Sunscreen

In the whole world billion of people’s not applying properly sunscreen on the body specially in British women not properly applying sunscreen on body then many types of risk born in the body therefore first properly applying sun cream then go on beach.

British Association of Dermatologists (BAD) take survey then get bad result because eight out of 10 brits not properly applying sunscreen then going out in the sun, because every two-hour you must applying properly sunscreen on whole body then you are safe in sun.

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Basically skin rash, skin cancer, skin injured and skin allergy problems start only on when you going out of sun without using sunscreen then many types of diseases born in your sensitive skin and body.

The Name of Skin cancer is the most common cancer diseases in the England grow ratio day by day more born in the women and men because not properly care system and rates have climbed since the 1960s and may be many old but not clear.

England skin cancer care centre take survey then get result every year over 250,000 new cases on ahead of non-melanoma skin cancer found of the most common type are diagnosed, in addition to over 13,000 new cases of melanoma, resulting in around 2,148 deaths annually its too much big rate of death every year because in England not properly any diagnosed and care system therefore many types of problems faces everybody but main things is patient not care him/her self properly therefore faces many types of diseases and problems.

We all known that of bringing us a scorcher of a weekend, this week is the specially week for all over and also make Sun Awareness Week and the reason for the online sharing system available like Facebook, Google+ and twitter because people’s share that then its too much helping for the all over around because this information helps many people’s and people’s save with skin problems and diseases.Other potentially bad habits also came to light as 35 per cent of people surveyed would only seek shade if they were hot, rather than to avoid burning.

When you are going out of sun then must use sunscreen but if you spend long time like 8 to 10 hour then after every two-hour you must use sunscreen and properly used then you are face many types of the diseases and problems and care every time her/himself when you are going out of sun because its compulsory.

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